Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Read her Lipstick, She is No Pig!

One week ago, Gov. Sarah Palin deliveried perhaps the greatest Vice Presidential acceptance speech in the history of political conventions. She hit all the right notes and had the Convention going crazy. During one part, the teleprompter was off from where she was in the speech, doubtlessly because of the thunderous applause she was receiving. Without missing a beat, she poped out a joke. “What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?” she asked. “Lipstick!” The Convention ate it up. Seeing this smart, tough, principled, Conservative woman accept the Republican nomination for Vice President is just what the Republican Party needed.

However, this “Palin Effect” has sent the Obama-Biden Campaign into a tailspin, unsure of how to respond to get the headlines back on them. Obama has to be asking who is this new comer and why does she not know that I am supposed to be the next President? How dare she come in here and take away what I have already earned? (Sound familiar?) Well, perhaps all this is why he was unable to help himself yesterday when speaking to a group of supporters about this new Republican ticket advocating change; saying, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it still a pig.”

Of course, the Obama campaign was quick to point out that this was not directed at Gov. Palin but rather the Republican message of change and that this is a very common expression. In fact, it is so common that Sen. McCain even used the same expression referring to Hillary Clinton’s health care plan. Sorry, Sen. Obama; I ain’t buyin’ it! Sen. McCain did not use this expression merely days after Clinton made a widely publicized comment about wearing lipstick. I think this was either a desperate attempt to get back in the headlines by the Obama Campaign or was a case of Sen. Obama slipping up and saying what he really thinks of Gov. Palin. Either way, no matter what spin the Obama Campaign puts on, it was a big mistake.

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