Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Name, Same Great Blog!

Today, I am officially changing the name of my blog to “The Tolbert Report.” Where did this name come from? Well, where does any genius idea come from? It could have been the suggestion of one of my dozens or even half dozen readers. It could have been a desire to return to my French roots and make the last letter of my name silent once again. But regardless, I hope you like the name and redesign.

In the spirit of the “The Tolbert Report,” I hope to continue my heavy hitting political blogging with a Conservative Arkansas slant. Look for even more exclusive interviews such as my previous one-on-one with Karl Rove and the equally famous Arkansas State Representative Mark Martin. I also hope to have some of the best and brightest political minds from around Arkansas post guest blog entries. And if they won’t do it, I will post whoever will!

Until then remember, I am an Arkansan and so can you!

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