Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ladies' Night at the RNC

Each day of the Convention, I have been posting my thoughts from the previous night. For last night's historic Convention, the night we nominate the first female Republican Vice Presidential nominee, I thought it appropriate to post a guest blog for fellow Arkansas alternate delegate Meredith Novak from “Border to Border Radio.”

If last night was Happy Hour, tonight was Ladies’ Night. Among the women who spoke tonight were Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay and Carly Fiorina, former HP CEO and head of McCain’s Victory ’08 Committee. Fiorina promised that McCain will conduct a top to bottom review of every Federal agency and post the results on the internet.

GOPAC Chair, Michael Steele, was enthusiastically received and gave the first speech of the evening that most people sat down and listened to. His concluding remark that “The only label that really matters is ‘American’” really got the crowd engaged and on their feet for Mitt Romney. Romney made a convincing case for John McCain with no sign of their well-reported animosity during the primary season. Gov. Romney certainly wins the “looks the most Presidential” award.

Mike Huckabee began by thanking the elite media for unifying the Republican Party and said, “the reporting the last few days has been tackier that a costume change at a Madonna concert.” He applauded Barak Obama on the historical achievement of his nomination that elevates our country, but he stressed the presidency is not a symbolic job. His best line (no easy thing with his quips) was, “Sarah Palin got more votes for mayor than Joe Biden got running for the presidency.”

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle gave some of Sarah’s personal story and even mentioned the grandbaby-on-the-way, which got a standing ovation. She elicited a chorus of “zero” when contrasting Obama’s experience with Palin’s. This “zero” chant became very popular throughout the course of the evening whenever Obama was mentioned.

Rudy delivered the most blows directly toward the Democratic ticket. Reaction to his lively speech made the convention hall sound like a session of parliament. He said, “Change is not a destination just as hope is not a strategy.” He advised Joe Biden to get that “VP thing in writing,” because Obama changes his mind so much. Guiliani’s statement that Obama was for an undivided Jerusalem (as is McCain) for one day before he changed his mind was met with loud and sustained booing.

And then Sarah.

During the five-minute ovation upon her entrance (through my streaming tears) I notice some of the media was even on their feet for her. I am not going to put down quotes from her – if you saw her, you don’t need to hear anything from me. If you didn’t see her, I can’t do it justice.

I just got a message from my 16-year-old daughter: “I LOVE SARAH PALIN! I really hope she runs for President next time around, because I think she could win it. She’s just like every other mom in America and that’s so cool.”

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