Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good News, Bad Signs

Have you seen the new McCain-Palin Signs all over Arkansas? Me neither. Apparently, what is good news for McCain from Arkansas is bad news for Arkansans for McCain. McCain’s lead in Arkansas has quickly grown to double digits meaning that the McCain/Palin Campaign has scratched us off into the win column. Because of this, the decision has been by the McCain Campaign and the RNC to spend their money not on Arkansas but on the battleground states.

I can’t say that I blame them. In a 271 electoral battle, it appears that this election will be decided in states such as Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. In addition, there are no statewide or Congressional Republican candidates in a contested race this year. Can we really expect the Republican National Party to pour money into a state to run up the score for McCain/Palin and pick up some seats for the Arkansas state legislature?

Enter your local county Republican committees. Realizing the realities of national politics several county Republican committees, such as my committee in Saline County, have decided to pull together their resources and order some signs and other materials for the Natural State. So if in a couple weeks, you pass a McCain/Palin sign or even pick up one for your own yard, make sure and thank you local GOP committee. In addition, if want to see even more signs around our state, why not help toss a little extra in hat by making a contribution to your local county GOP committee. I sure it will be appreciated.

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