Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fundraiser for Rep. Mark Martin

Rep. Mark Martin held a fundraiser today at the Arkansas Poultry Federation Building just a few blocks from the State Capital. Rep. Martin is running for his third term as state representative from district 87 which includes Prairie Grove and the surrounding area of Washington and Crawford Counties. The fundraiser was well attended, especially considering it was about three hours from his home district. Considering the location, it was no surprise that they served some really good fried chicken. It appeared to me that all the political regulars were there although I have not been around long enough to know who the political regulars are. Maybe we should start wearing nametags to these things.

If Rep. Martin is re-elected, he will become one of the most senior Republican representatives in the state house. He has done a great job representing the people of his district and I have no doubt they will return him to his office. I am sure his exclusive interview with the “Tolbert Report” will be enough to put him over the top – the Tolbert Bump. If you want to find out more about Rep. Martin, check out his website. And if you are a candidate at any level who also wants to experience the Tolbert Bump, let me know and the "Tolbert Report" will be glad to come and interview you as well.

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