Monday, September 15, 2008

Democrat Campaign Office in Texarkana

“Under the Dome” reports today that the Democrat Party is opening an office soon in Texarkana with “campaign materials for Sen. Obama, Sen. Pryor, Congressman Ross, and JP District 10 candidate John Burgess.” This is interesting considering Sen. Mark Pryor and Rep. Mike Ross have no Republican opponent in the General Election. So what is the story here? Is the Democratic Party worried about a real challenge from Green Party Candidates' Rebekah Kennedy for Senate and Joshua Drake for Congress? Perhaps, they believe they can turn around Barak Obama’s numbers in the Natural State and flip the bright red state back to blue. Or does the Democratic Party have so much money to spend that they can afford to pour it into a local JP race in Miller County?

UPDATE - Rep. Harrelson tells me that they usually open a local office primarily as a pick-up location for signs and campaign materials. Plus, Texarkana, Texas opened one and we can’t let them out do us. I can whole-heartedly agree with that one! Interestingly enough, the local Democrat county committees are also footing the bill for their Obama signs. It appears neither the McCain Campaign nor the Obama Campaign is spending much money in Arkansas. This leads me to two conclusions. First, it appears that both campaign have scratched off Arkansas as a McCain win. No matter what the spin is, money talks and neither is winning to spend money in the Natural State. Second, my advise to anyone considering supporting either campaign is to do so through your local committee, otherwise your money will be spent completely in other states.

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