Friday, September 5, 2008

Airplane Conversations on the Way Home from the RNC

I am on my way home from the Convention. I had such a great time that I cannot begin to put it into words. Last night, standing on the floor of the Convention in the Arkansas Section, shaking hand with Gov. Huckabee just minutes before Sen. McCain’s acceptance speech - WOW!!! In my political world, it does not get much better than that!

I am eating lunch right now in DFW. It is interesting the conversations you have on the airplane. Flying into DFW from St. Paul, I sat next to a delegate from Puerto Rico. He is a Puerto Rican Senator and was Mike Huckabee’s Puerto Rico Chairman. We talked about how much more focus was on the primaries in the United States’ Territories this year. He said he hopes this helps to bring awareness of the fact that 4 million people in his home territory have no vote in the National Elections and no real representation in Washington. I told him that I noticed how excited the delegates from Puerto Rico, Guam, and the other U.S. Territories were to casts their ballots during the Convention. He pointed out that this is their only chance to vote in the Presidential Election. I noticed that the United States Northern Mariana Island Delegates were especially excited as this was their first time that were able to send Delegates to the Convention.

Behind me sat a Delegate from Oklahoma and from Louisiana. The Oklahoma delegate told an interesting story about their role call vote. They had 39 delegates voting for John McCain and 2 delegates voting for Ron Paul. Evidently, when they cast their votes they announced the 39 delegates for John McCain first and their microphone was turn off by mistake before the were able to announce the 2 votes for Ron Paul. Needless to say, the Ron Paul delegates were not happy. The Louisiana delegate talked about their complicated system. He said the hybrid caucus/primary/convention system was a comprise and he hopes the state Party will fix it before the next election.

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