Thursday, September 11, 2008

ABC News on their interview with Gov. Palin

Charlie Gibson with ABC News conducted a series of interviews with Gov. Sarah Palin which they began airing tonight. From the first clips they have released, it appears Gov. Palin has done a fine job answering some difficult questions on foreign policy. It seems Mr. Gibson has been tough but fair allowing her time to answer the questions without interrupting her. (Take some notes Campbell Brown.) However, it is unfortunate that this is not the perspective that ABC News has chosen to cover. Rather than discuss the interview itself, ABC has taken the opportunity to point out that Gov. Palin “obtained her first passport last year” and that she has never met with foreign leaders.

Interesting analysis, ABC. I think you could have written this article without even interviewing Gov. Palin. Or perhaps you did. I actually had the opportunity to meet Charlie Gibson last week at the Republican National Convention. He was nicest enough to take time out of his busy schedule to visit with me and pose for a photo. I guess by ABC News’ logic, I am qualified to be their next news anchor; after all, I have met with news leaders. I will be waiting by the phone. In the meantime, I hope ABC does not waste the chance to be one of the first to interview Gov. Palin by listing the Obama Campaign’s talking points instead of practicing objective journalism.

UPDATE - David Kinkade at The Arkansas Project" has a good analysis of the Palin-Gibson interview and a suggestion for Gov. Palin. Forego the expensive media coaches and get fellow small state governor turned national candidate Mike Huckabee to give some tips on handling the media lions.

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