Saturday, August 16, 2008

Senior McCain Offical Says No Pro-Choice VP

Race42008 just posted this wonderful news. With this news and the wonderful performance from Sen. McCain at the Saddleback Forum tonight, I think all of us in the pro-life community just breathed a big sigh of relief.

Breaking: McCain Camp Rules Out Pro-Choice Veep
Just moments ago on CNN, John King reported that he had just received an email from a senior McCain adviser nixing the possibility of a pro-choice running mate for Sen. McCain. Thanks to the wonderful world of time-shifting, I’m able to transcribe King’s quote with precision:

JOHN KING: After the forum tonight I received an email from a senior adviser who said look at the answer on abortion, look at some of the other things he said, you will not hear any more talk from us about the possibility of a pro-abortion rights vice presidential nomination.

McCain probably decided that a pro-choice VP would do more harm than good, which unfortunately narrows McCain’s options, as it seems the Republican roster is free of politicians who are both pro-life and who would help in a big blue swing state. Given that no one really thinks John Engler is being considered, McCain should pick Tim Pawlenty to be his running mate, the best of the pro-life veep candidates in the field.

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