Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ron Paul's DVD for Delegates

Well, I got my Ron Paul DVD for Delegates in the mail today. If you have not heard about it, here is their site.

It comes it a well-produced very official looking case with the DVD called “On the Road to Minneapolis – Saint Paul: Republican National Convention.” It is packaged to look like it is from the RNC and contains “very important information for RNC Delegates and Alternatives.” So of course, I immediate popped this in my DVD player to watch. You have to watch for 20 minutes before you know it has anything to do with Ron Paul, although you get suspicion pretty quick. The first 20 minutes is a History Channel/Ken Burns like summary of the Conservative movement with focus on Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Then it goes into a 110 minutes of a propagandaish type of case of how Ron Paul is the best thing since Reagan and how we (GOP delegates) are irresponsible to not all vote for and nominate Ron Paul at the Convention in St. Paul.

Obviously, I think these attempts will be futile but it will be something to watch to see if the 42 Ron Paul delegates plus any other supporters that can get in the doors create any noise. It also makes me think if Ron Paul supporters have these plans for the GOP Convention, how much larger are the Hillary Clinton supporters plans for the Democrat Convention.


A Voice of Reason said...

No offense sir, but I don't believe there is anything wrong with this. Shouldn't these people be allowed to make their case? Are you absolutely, 100% sure that you are and whoever it is you support are correct?

Though you were not directly criticizing this organization/people who support Ron Paul, the way you worded this makes it sound like what they're doing is a bad thing. Is it?

Is it wrong for those who are devoted to a cause to keep trying when hope is nearly gone? Did you bother to ask yourself why they were going to such lengths before you turned off your television?

You called their DVD 'propaganda,' and made it sound like adding a note that says "important information' is lying or trickery. Is it?

Perhaps you yourself are not a conservative, I don't know (although if your not, I'm sure hearing from a conservative group would sound like 'propaganda.')

The way you've described this DVD, you make it sound like these people are plotting a hostile takeover. I think we both know that that is not possible. I think they know it's not possible, why else would they be sending out this DVD, desperately trying to convince you of their cause, at this their last moment.

It seems to me, that if I were a delegate, a representative of the larger body, it'd be my DUTY to take in ALL opinions and ideas whether I agree with them or not. Who knows, maybe you'll find something you agree with. But more likely you missed the point and threw out an opportunity. Who knows.

If there is one thing I've observed from Ron Paul and his supporters, it's that they have a very strong philosophy of which they are extremely passionate for, and that it is about that philosophy and NOT the man.... the man is merely their strongest current voice/leader/statesman... his own unique sort of maverick.

Perhaps more importantly, I'd guess that their enthusiasm is a gauge of their conviction/effort.... If I recall correctly, there were over a million people who voted for that man. Perhaps that's a small number in comparison with numbers, but note that the vast majority of that million were new voters, young voters, apathetic, former democrats... I'm no professional strategist, but it seems to me, those kinds of voters and volunteers would be the kind desired in a dying party such as ours. So sure, say we don't go so far as to toss McCain and take their choice.... Should we really mock them and slam the door in their face? In this a close election year with a strong opponent and strong, conservative Libertarian running? I'd think not.... So before you disregard these people and their efforts/beliefs as irrelevant, I'd advise that you consider them and perhaps even go so far as to invite them by showing them that they're welcome. Surely you can find at least one area in which you have common ground. If not then this party is even more stuck up and hypocritical then the stereotypes would like us to believe.

A Voice of Reason said...

I should like to add one thing.... After visiting their website, it makes very clear that their aim is to reach the delegates, not just about their candidate, but their ideas. Are Ron Paul supporters really so undesirable that we can't even touch them or hear their ideas?

Plus, they make it quite clear that you as a delegate have a choice. It is your decision. They're putting their faith and their fate in your hands. That is a pretty big responsibility when you consider it from their perspective. What's more, I actually agree that as a delegate/representative you should be open to all parties. When I voted for delegates in the primaries/conventions, I wasn't just voting to send a few select people to go have fun and party. I was sending you as my representative. Now it's time for you all to represent us, and that might actually include representing those that you don't like/agree with.

If you're going to the convention just to fill out the 'formal paperwork' and pomp and circumstance, then the convention is a complete waste of time, money, and effort (and will be incredibly dull).

I say open it up to more ideas, more people! Make it an exciting party! You shouldn't have anything to fear from fellow Republicans/conservatives.... I thought we were all members of the same party.

Crickett said...

Well, I tried to watch it on utube and it cut off in the middle, so I did not get to see about half. Ron, however, is a good Christian man (you should hear his speech at Liberty University also on utube, earlier this year) and I think is the REAL Republican choice for President. So, rather than propaganda, I would take it as clear information about returning to our republican roots. I spent DAYS trying to help with the Arkansas GOP platform, begging them to include balanced budget and exclude support for pre-emptive war and was then ignored. I was a delegate only to the state convention, but not ONE of my suggestions was implemented. There is something wrong with the GOP here in AR. I think our country needs EXTREME measures to change its direction again, and I think Ron Paul could bring them.

Jason Tolbert, CPA said...

Thank you for your comments. I want to be clear that I have no problem with Ron Paul supporters (or anyone else) sending out information to the delegates. My main point is that the packaging intentionally leaves off any mention that it is about Ron Paul, in order to try and get the delegates to watch it. This seems deceptive to me.

Also, Cricket, I attended the meeting of the Arkansas Platform Committee and I hope you will be pleased to know that they read and considered everyone’s comments. I believe that they took each one seriously.

Flavio said...

Hi Jason,

I think a delegate's choice should depend on the truth. If Ron Paul's message represents the truth, you should accept it. Otherwise, you should reject it.

It is my understanding that Ron Paul turned out to be right regarding the financial problems which weigh down on the US today. He was also right regarding the outcome of the Iraq war, and the loss of civil liberties.

Ron Paul doesn't get it because he can see into the future, but because he values individual liberty like the founders did. If you read Thomas Jefferson and Ludwig von Mises (one of the founders of the Austrian School of economics), you'll see that Ron Paul is essentially defending the same principles, which most Americans have never seriously studied.