Saturday, August 30, 2008

Positive Reaction to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

“Today, a maverick has chosen another maverick - Senator John McCain made a phenomenal choice to join his ticket in Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. A fiscal conservative with a record of cutting wasteful spending and fighting for the development of new energy resources, including drilling, Governor Palin envisions exactly what our country needs to move forward. As the Commander of the Alaska National Guard and a mother of a soldier deploying to Iraq in September, Governor Palin has what it takes to lead our country in a time of war. She is the mother of five, solidly pro-life and pro-traditional family, a hunter and fisher, with a record of challenging the status quo. As a Republican woman, I take immense pride in the fact that once again, our party has demonstrated that is truly the party of change and the party of ideas. It is an exciting day for our country.”

Karan Ray, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Arkansas

“Sarah Palin is a pleasant surprise for those of us who had hoped that Senator McCain would pick a principled and authentic conservative pro-life leader. Sarah Palin is both principled and authentic. As a Governor, she also brings an important balance of understanding of the critical domestic issues that is needed and that the Democrats have ignored with their ticket. Governor Palin is smart, authentic, tough, and a dynamic choice that will remind women that they are not welcome on the Democrat’s ticket, they have a place with Republicans.”

Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas

"Governor Palin is a proven reformer who is a wise steward of taxpayer dollars and champion for accountability in government. Governor Palin's success is due to her dedication to principle and her roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic and serves as a wonderful example of the spirit of America. By selecting a working mother with a track record of getting things done, Senator McCain has once again demonstrated his commitment to reforming Washington. I applaud Senator McCain for selecting Governor Palin. This decision is yet another example of why the American people can trust him to make wise decisions and to confidently lead this country."

President George W. Bush

“Sen. McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is an outstanding choice that should be extremely reassuring to the conservative base of his party. She is a strong executive who hates corruption and puts principle above politics…Gov. Palin’s commitment to the sanctity of life is not just a political position. She was advised to abort her fifth and youngest child when it was learned he had Down syndrome. She refused. That’s bravery and integrity in action. Gov. Palin’s views align with Sen. McCain’s own stated position that human life is precious and must be protected – and that gives us confidence he will keep his pledges to voters regarding the kinds of justices he would nominate to the Supreme Court and the way he would conduct our nation’s domestic and international affairs.”

Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family

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