Saturday, August 30, 2008

Convention Preparation with Hurricane Evacuees

As I make my final preparations to leave for the Convention, I am anxiously watching the television. However, instead of keeping a close eye on Fox News for the latest political developments, I am watching the Weather Channel as Hurricane Gustov approaches the coast. It reminds my watching the coverage of Hurricane Katrina three years ago, except this time it strikes much closer to home. My parents moved to New Orleans almost two years ago as my dad took a position as a professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. This weekend they evacuated to my house with all their important irreplaceable belongs, such as their wedding pictures and important documents. It is unexplainable feeling sitting beside your parents as you watch the television and pray that the hurricane does not strike their city again. My dad will spend this next week as my guest at the Republican Convention in St. Paul and my mom will be with my sister in Memphis. I would ask you all to pray my parents and the thousands like them across the country as we prepare for Hurricane Gustov.

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