Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alabama Huckabee Delegates Released

I just heard from a friend of mine who is a delegate for Gov. Huckabee in Alabama. He received word this afternoon that Gov. Huckabee has released the 26 delegates pledged to him by winning Alabama’s February 5 Presidential Primary. Gov. Huckabee’s letter reads...

“Please consider this letter my formal request to release the delegates that are bound to my candidacy for president by virtue of the results of your state’s February 5th primary/caucus. I have endorsed John McCain as the Republican Party’s nominee for president and encourage all of my delegates to support his nomination as well. I look forward to seeing you and the duly elected Mike Huckabee delegates in Minnesota this summer as we officially vote to make John McCain our nominee."

As of the end of business today, the Arkansas delegates pledged to Gov. Huckabee have not yet been released.

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