Friday, July 18, 2008

Huckabee or Romney Would Help McCain the Most

Zogby reported today that polling data suggests that former Republican rivals Huckabee and Romney could give McCain a boost in the Fall Election.

Among McCain's potential vice presidential picks, former Republican nomination challengers Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney earned the strongest support from likely voters overall, as well as from Republicans and political independents. Among likely voters, 27% would be more likely to support McCain with Huckabee on the ticket, and 26% said the same if Romney were selected. A Huckabee pick would cause 13% of likely voters to be less likely to support McCain, while 11% would be less supportive of the presumptive Republican nominee if he were to choose Romney as his running mate. Among Republicans, 40% would be more likely to support a McCain/Huckabee ticket, while 11% would be less likely - a 29% net positive for the choice of Huckabee. If Romney were to be chosen, 41% of Republicans would be more inclined to vote for McCain, compared to 8% who would be less likely, for a net positive of 33%. Both fare well among political independents, with a 15% net positive for Huckabee and a 17% net positive for Romney if chosen as a running mate by McCain.

I think the final decision will come down to which running mate helps McCain in the must win states of Ohio, Florida, Missiouri, and Virginia.


Steven said...

And who has been busy campaigning for McCain will play a factor as well. Mitt has been quite busy doing stand-ins and such for McCain, whereas Huckabee has been busy attending the pastors' conferences, talking about himself, and barely nothing else.

Jason Tolbert, CPA said...

Steven, Correct on the point that the running mate must be busy campaigning for McCain. Incorrect on Huckabee. Right now he is in Africa with Cindy McCain -
He also gave one of the best speeches of support as the representative for McCain at the Iowa State Convention. You can listen to at on Radio Iowa's site here -

Nealie Ride said...

Huckabee isn't even under consideration. McCain long ago threw him under the bus once Huck helped John eliminate Mitt.

Romney and others are under evaluation. Sorry.

Jason Tolbert, CPA said...

Nealie, Very interesting. Do you mind telling us your source for this incite?