Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paul White Wins May 20 Primary Race for Saline County Circuit Judge

On May 20, Paul White received the most votes for Saline County Circuit Judge District 22, Division 04 defeating his opponents Robert Herzfeld and Haywood Battle. White received 4,701 votes which was 46% of the votes cast; only four points short of the amount needed to avoid a runoff. White will face Robert Herzfeld, who received the second most votes, in a runoff during the general election on November 4.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my friend Paul White. He has practiced law for 16 years. Of all three candidates in the race, Paul White has the most and the broadest range of private practice experience over the last 10 years. Paul White already served as special judge in Saline County Circuit Court, Haskell District Court, and Bauxite District Court. I personally know Paul White to be a man of absolute integrity and fairness. He will carry these traits along with his legal expertise with him on the bench. I can think of no finer person to fill the new created Saline County Circuit Court position.

Please join me in supporting Paul White for Saline County Circuit Judge for the upcoming November election. There are lots of ways that you can help. If you live in Saline County, the most important thing you can do is to make sure you go vote in November. We also will need volunteers helping with signs in their yard, making phone calls, and even working at the polling locations.

In addition to grassroots volunteers, it will also take money to run the campaign. In the primary, we were outspent by our opponent by more than three to one. White will need additional funds to be successful once again during the general election. Please consider joining me in supporting the Paul White Campaign by making a financial contribution. In Arkansas, you can even give up to $50 a person or $100 a couple without it costing you a dime. This is because Arkansas allows you a $50 per person tax credit for contributions to candidates for state and local offices by filing AR1800 - State Political Contribution Schedule with your income taxes. Of course, you can give any amount you choose up to the $2,000 limit. You can send your contributions to the Paul White Campaign, PO Box 894, Bryant, AR 72089.

If you would like to know more about Paul or help with his campaign, please send me an email. Or you can contact his campaign directly by calling (501) 847-5556 or writing the address above.

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