Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Democralypse Now meets Operation Chaos

This Tuesday (4/22/08) saw Sen. Hillary Clinton win the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania by a hefty ten point margin. Many in the media have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how she pulled off such a big margin of victory. Their explanation is that she turned out her base of uneducated blue collar workers from the rural areas. I guess they quit clinging to their guns and religion long enough to go to the polls and vote. Of course, they are quick to point out that there is no mathematical way that Clinton can overtake Obama in pledged delegates.

Perhaps there is another explanation that many in the mainstream media would love to ignore and that is that many Republicans are enjoying a front row seat in “Democralypse Now,” a term coined by comedian Seven Colbert. The longer the Democratic Primary lasts, the more polarized the Democrats become. The dream scenario for Republicans is a Democratic Convention filled with fights over the credentials of the Florida and Michigan delegations, back room deals among the Super Delegates, and protest marches through the streets of Denver. Rush Limbaugh and his army of ditto heads have joined in the fun with what he calls “Operation Chaos.” Limbaugh told his radio audience of over 13 million how to register as Democrats and crossover and vote for Sen. Clinton in Pennsylvania. Why would Conservative Limbaugh want his listening audience to vote for Clinton? Simple, if Clinton can achieve a few more victories, then it will be impossible for either Clinton or Obama to win without the help of the unelected Super Delegates.

And it is working. The exit polls from the Pennsylvania Primary revels that ten percent of those who voted on the Democrat side identified themselves as Conservative. This is compared to around two percent in previous Democratic Primaries. Without a competitive race on the Republican side, there is no doubt many Pennsylvanian Republicans decided to help the continuation of Democralypse Now.

So what is next? Indiana and North Carolina head to the polls on May 6. It should be even easier for Operation Chaos in Indiana which has an open primary, meaning all that Republicans have to do is show up on election day and they can vote in the Democratic Primary. A Clinton victory in Indiana, even a small one, should be enough to keep Clinton in the race until the convention and guarantee that the race cannot be decided without the Super Delegates. This might be a fun summer!


Nanci Meek said...

Unfortunately Barack's mother worked for the Bank of Hawaii and his office is using that as THE reason he will not address our case when talking about Elder Abuse and malfeasance with Banks and attorneys Very dissapointing

ppabl88 said...

shame on rush limbaugh for trying to destroy a perfectly healthy democratic campaign. that's playing dirty-- and this race is all about cleanliness.
HAH! not!

kudos to limbaugh. go obama!